Custom – DT Maple Heart


The DT Custom is a very special guitar. Years ago I was at a family wedding held along a river in Western Oregon. While walking the river I found a piece of wood that was knarly and totally awesome! Later I found out it was Western Maple and we gave it a chance to dry out over the next 15 years.  This piece eventually became the top for the Jay Papa model and this guitar. The name changed to the DT Custom after the owner bought it in remembrance of his grandson who was tragically killed while riding his bike to school. I thought it fitting to have the heart sound hole and we took the extra effort to engrave his grandson’s name on the control cover.  We installed a Babicz bridge along with Sperzel locking tuners, Maple fretboard, African Mahogany body and a 5 piece neck. Controls are CTS pots and a 5 position CRL switch operates the Custom Dawgtown pick ups. This is a very comfortable guitar and now you know the story!




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