bopat “T”- Healer


bopat guitars were featured in a tv news piece last year that included this guitar. I met the owner in a bible study and we began to discuss his desire to own and play an electric guitar. Dennis was a former service member and had run into some tough times during his time in Iraq. This guitar is the healer and it has brought comfort and peace to a guy that had seen quite enough of the craziness of war and what the effect war has on a family. This guitar has provided a place for Dennis to channel his creativity and work through his challenges and has given him a special connection to his children. The top is Spalted Western Maple, chosen in particular of it’s character. Spalted wood is essentially a rotting tree, cut down and milled before it has a chance to completely rot and become useless. You see,  it’s a picture of what God does with us. We can be rotting on the inside and he rescues us, repurposes our life and we become what we were intended to be! It was amazing I chose to do the wing sound hole on this guitar. Why? One of those crazy life things …Dennis had a tattoo very similar to the wing and I had no idea. Yes the Lord is good! African Mahogany, Wenge, Spalted Maple and a Pau Ferro fretboard round out the wood selections. Gotoh locking tuners and bridge along with Dawgtown custom wound pickups, CRS pots and CRL 5 position switch complete the “Healer”.




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