Custom – Jay Papa


Jay Fleming is an amazing artist and although we’ve never spoken in person, has become a friend for a lifetime. “Jay Papa” was our first out of state customer. Jay was very specific on what he wanted in this guitar and I am thankful for the lessens learned through that process. We started with the top. I told him I had some Oregon Maple pulled from a river 15 years prior and he said YES that’s it! He was very interested in using mini humbuckers and we found John Benson in New York to custom wind the pups Jay wanted. I got them on the phone with each other so they could communicate directly. We installed a Babicz bridge which, until that time I hadn’t heard of. What a super nice bridge they make. The tuners needed a specific ratio and we found what he needed with none other than Ratio Locking tuners! We wired this up with CRS pots and a 3-position Switchcraft switch. We found a case that fit and this guitar was on it’s way to Jay’s capable hands. I love the story and the opportunity to work with our customers. What a God-given privilege!




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