bopat “T”- Utahcaster


What friends do. Based on this experience friends buy friends guitars! Two gents and their kids meet in Utah for hiking and have done that over the past 20 years. I got a message that a celebration was in order and a guitar needed to be built in honor of their longstanding friendship. We started with the kind of music his friend liked to play and we went from there. The Olivewood top,  to me, represented the landscape or at least the colors of Utah. We used Wormy Maple for the body, a Tele neck pickup and a Seymour Duncan P-rail for the bridge pickup. The neck is hand-carved of course and we lasered in a cool truss-rod cover to personalize the guitar. It’s a little hard to see but we also lasered in a moon on the top horn. Gotoh provided the locking tuners and humbucking tele bridge. We capped the bopat 4×2 headstock with a piece of the same Olivewood. The bopat/gator case is included and shipping is additional.



The Olive wood top is georgous!

Sorry for the cross eyed look…I think I was in awe of how well the Utahcastor played 🙂


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