Origin – Woody


In 2017 I was looking for tools and wood to outfit our shop. I answered an ad for a bandsaw and left that place with clamps, a vacuum system, a jointer and of course the bandsaw. I had the chance to pray with the gentleman that owned; and come to find out, lived in the shop.  He shared his story with me and it hit me in a special way. To be honest it kicked my butt. What I didn’t mention is the gentlemen called me the next day and said he had a piece of wood that he wanted me to have. I went over to his shop and he explained his dad and he built chairs together. His dad passed away and therefore no longer had use for this huge slab of old growth cherry. He thought I could do more with it than he could. I am so grateful how God works in our lives when we least expect it. This guitar has since been sold and is in the hands of a very capable young man who is on a worship team in Montana. Way too cool! We love the stories that go with our guitar creations and are grateful to play a part in so many lives. We have enough Cherry for a couple more guitars. After that …it’s gone but the story remains 🙂





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