Our Story

Our first guitar show in 2018

bopat guitars USA is a family owned and operated business based at the foot of the Pikes Peak region of the Rockies. Our story is one that bears itself out of life’s experiences, not only for us, but for the many folks who have trusted our ability to provide custom built guitars that fit their life experiences.  After a disappointing experience in purchasing an off-the-shelf guitar from a major manufacturer, our story began with a desire to build a high-quality guitar with all the components that are important to you.

The name bopat? Patti and I met in the early 2000’s and I needed a new email address. I wanted Patti to be a part of anything I did musically, so I grabbed the “bo” from Bob and “pat” from Patti – pretty simple! When it came to putting a name to our guitars we got the family together and it was decided bopat would be the name. There you have it!!

From 2017 thru 2020, we honed our skills and with that came the 2020 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, which ended up being one of the most peaceful times of our lives. From that came the Corona Caster. We have built custom guitars, but this one became different. It had a unique story that surrounded a life experience. From there we built the “Healer” guitar for a veteran who experienced PTSD using Spalted Maple, which he felt replicated what God had done in his life – from death to life. Just as spalting is a sign of a dying tree, we were able to bring it back to life in the form of a guitar. We then built the “Restoration” guitar inspired by the death of our grandson and the healing that needed to happen. This guitar went to a gentleman who had been restored from addiction. Another guitar, the “DT Maple Heart” was dedicated to a gentleman who also lost his grandson. The “Mako” was a metal musician’s dream of raw power meets old-school, violin vibe. The list goes on… the “Royal Hawaiian”, the “Survivor” and more.

That is our story.

Whatever your life experiences, we want to capture them in your guitar. We look forward to hearing your story and determining how to bring it to life through a custom bopat guitar.  

Lord bless and keep you …” chisels are callin”

Aloha, bopat

The Team:

Bob Rogers: Founder and Builder

Patti Rogers: Co-founder, Finance and Logistics

Melissa and Al Stauch: Marketing and Brand Development

MarkoBros Legacy: Customization Extraordinaire

UPDATE 2022 – “New Brand”

For those who don’t know, we’ve lost two young men in our family. We lost Gannon at 11 years old and Michael at 13 years old. Our new brand includes the semi-colon signifying suicide (see the b) and we’ve underlined the g in guitar in remembrance of Gannon. Every guitar we build will honor these two young men gone too soon.