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Sentinel Guitar – Tom K., Montana

I contacted bopat guitars in the Fall of 2020, with a vision, a story, and some 119 year old wood from a barn that sat on a hill overlooking part of my  central Montana ranch. I found bopat guitars through bopat Guitars Facebook page. I named this guitar The “Sentinel” because the old barn stood for over a century keeping watch over our ranch.  The wood on the front and on the back are from the floor of the old barn. It was a land mark of sorts around the surrounding country side. I could not be more pleased with how this instrument turned out, but knowing the level of craftsmanship and the amount of time committed to this piece make it a true work of art. I could not be more pleased with the  looks and sound that this guitar has.

Thanks bopat guitars for a one-of-a kind guitar.

Just finished adding the brand.
Lasered a picture of the barn and house that are no longer around! The wood for the top and back are from the floorboards of the 1800’s barn.

The Utahcaster – Tracy

This guitar from bopat guitars is in every detail something I could never have dreamed of.   The way this guitar looks, plays and feel .. simply amazing!!  I still wake up every day, and open my case and just stare at this complete work of art. 

It’s so much more than a guitar: It’s a work of love. I tear up just thinking how I ever could be so blessed to have Ken as my friend and that he could find bopat, who displays masterfull skill by crafting something like this on a whole different level.  

From the minute I picked up the guitar, it was like I was meeting an old friend who had been with me through life’s ups and downs and could help me express that on a musical level.  I just don’t know what else to say to you guys but thank you!!! You will never know what this means!

The olive wood top is georgous!
Sorry for the cross-eyed look … I think I was in awe of how well the Utahcastor played 🙂

KB Dream – Kenn Bartley

My beautiful wife surprised me with this custom guitar last night as a gift for our third anniversary–and I’m shocked and happy and grateful and amazed at Bob Rogers‘ talent and vision! Mahalo!

-Sallye Stauber-Bartley

A surprise early anniversary gift for my Mr. Wonderful! It’s my first surprise for him, I am terrible with secrets. Thanks to Bob, for a beautiful piece of art and making KB’s dream come true, with a custom bopat guitar!

The top is Quilted & Spalted Oregon Maple found on the beach in Oregon by my nephew. The body and neck are Oregon Myrtlewood.
The Myrtlewood is beautiful! I really enjoyed carving this neck.
Prior to the transparent green stain.

The Jay Papa – Jay Fleming

Check out this stunner from my buddy Bob at bopat guitars.

A day I will never forget. I opened for Lonestar one of my favorite bands of all time. First gig with my bopat guitar!

Getting ready to ship!
John Benson mini humbuckers and a Babicz bridge. I found the Maple in a river in Oregon now close to 20 years ago. Very nice piece!
Not the best picture but captures our first custom neck plate.

The Nexus – Ken (in progress)

God has given Bob and Patti Rogers gifts of craftsmanship, customer service, a genuine desire to meet or exceed every customer’s expectations and most of all love. Love for Jesus, love for family and one another, love for the craft and administration, and love for their customers.  It shows in every aspect of the process from order to delivery.

When I first heard the kindness in Bob’s voice and his meticulous attention to detail I was hooked. Three previous buyers only confirmed what I already believed. “Out of the mouths of two or three witnesses every word was established,” … and the Nexus was born.

My name choice “Nexus” comes from the Latin verb, “nectere.”  It means “to bind together.” Since I will use this guitar exclusively for praise and worship, I want it to be the tool that binds me to the Spirit of the living God. Few have truly studied the power in music … and its effectiveness at promoting both good and evil. I’m aiming for good.

Our son Tyler tackled the inlay for us. Not quite completed yet but really nice work. You can find him at MarkoBrosLegacy on Etsy!
This is a set neck which allows us to carve a bit deeper into the neck/body connection. I’m thinking Ken will love this! “Very comfortable.”
Work work work!! We love to build and thank our customers for allowing us the opportunity!